Membership Dues Increase 2023-2024

Posted By: Candy McVey Community, Industry,

December 15, 2022

Dear DAA Members;

Should DAA move faster on our strategic priorities? In the last two years, we closely examined that question. We are succeeding thanks to the hard work of our extremely effective staff and network of volunteers. But we want to do more.

DAA Revenue

DAA’s sustainable revenue is derived from these sources- membership dues, sponsorships, education, events, and opportunities. Membership dues are a vital source of funding for the operations of our association and for our ability to provide resources to meet DAA’s strategic priorities. NAA, The National Apartment Association has implemented dues increase and a special assessment on dues to fund housing affordability issues across their network of affiliates over the course of five years which began in 2021. Housing affordability continues to be a major issue for the industry and NAA will use these funds to develop key messaging, mobilization activities, and support for local affiliates and pay dues to NAA. You learn more about that at DAA has not increased dues in over 10 years. Additional funds are needed to keep up with rising operational costs to ensure the association can continue to provide exceptional member services and advocacy to protect the rental housing industry.

Membership Dues to Advance Strategic Priorities

After careful consideration, the DAA Board of Directors voted to raise membership dues as a way of maintaining our high-quality offerings, delivering important benefits, and achieving the DAA’s critical mission. Our decision to ask for additional support did not come lightly or in a vacuum. We collected feedback from our members through surveys and discussion groups. You told us that the DAA’s work on your behalf is important and must continue today and long into the future. We hope you agree.

Growing the DAA as an Association

The decision to increase membership dues is a critical step in the growth of DAA. Let us explain why. As a professional association, DAA provides resources, tools, and professional advancement opportunities that maintain and enrich our membership at all levels. Our advocacy efforts these past two years, special events including our Annual Education Conference and Tradeshow, networking opportunities, maintaining contracts with our Law Firm, accountant, lobbyist, a brand new website, AMS platform, and member benefits. These benefits incur costs; operating websites, and social media platforms, communicating with members and securing professional speakers and instructors moving forward. The DAA would also like to hire a part-time administrator for the Executive Director. Your membership dues will allow us to strengthen and expand the resources DAA provides its members.

How much will your dues increase?

Slight membership increases will occur in all categories, please note for 2023 the membership increase will not go into effect for current members who have been invoiced for 2023 membership dues.

The new membership dues will go into effect immediately for new members joining in 2023. All current members budgeting for 2024 will need to take the increase into consideration.

New for 2023: A 5% late fee will go into effect immediately for all current and new members on all invoices past due at the end of each quarter.

Current 2023 Owner/Management Company,

Admin Fee From $200 to  $250

Owner/Management per unit fee from $2.00 to $2.25

Associate Supplier Partners from $450 to $500

Each year for the next 5 years the board will increase a per unit fee by .25

The DAA is an association with a big impact on the multifamily housing industry here in Delaware. Help us do even more in 2023 and beyond. We are committed to strengthening our industry voice, growing our community, and ensuring that our companies and employees have the tools and resources necessary to succeed and thrive. We pledge to be good stewards of your membership dues and we appreciate the trust you place in us.

Thank you for your incredible support. We are grateful for your commitment to a strong future for industry leaders across Delaware. Please don’t hesitate to contact me Candy McVey,


Candy McVey

Executive Director

Delaware Apartment Association