Independent Rental Owners (IRO)

What is an Independent Rental Owner (IRO)? NAA defines an Independent Rental Owner (IRO) as an individual or individuals that own or manage rental properties, and are actively involved, from an ownership perspective, in the management of their properties.  IROs are those who own anywhere from one to 300 or more units, but manage them without a corporate entity. You may be an LLC, an S Corp, or other. But your needs are such that you are on the go a lot, and need information when you need it! DAA and NAA together serve the needs of IROs. And what's even better is that you have the same resources and services at your fingertips that the big management firms have! GET YOUR IROP!! The Independent Rental Owner Professional (IROP) designation program is offered to the rental owner who manages their personally-held multifamily property or properties. Independent rental owners who take the IROP course will learn the many business practices of professional property managers and can now earn the IROP designation after completing the course of study and passing the online exam.IROP designates learn:
  • How to improve efficiency of your operation
  • The best management practices, developed over time, by property management companies
  • How to comply with federal laws and regulations to avoid fines and penalties
  • Ways to increase revenue and reduce expense