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There are many ways to be involved in legislative advocacy. One of the best ways is to contribute to the Political Action Committees (PACs) that represent your views and your industry.

The Multi-Housing Political Action Committee (MHS-PAC) of the Delaware Apartment Association is established to better advocate on behalf of the members of this Association who have financial or other interests in the creation, development, and management of the residential rental housing indusrty in the State of Delaware. The Association, representing the majority of private multi-family housing units in the State, will be seeking to support political candidates at all levels of government, as well as majority political parties, as determined by the MHS-PAC Trustees, that support the issues and concerns of the members of this association. 

The MHS-PAC shall also seek to improve the political involvement of it's membership through educational programs, candidate nights, campaign volunteer work, and get out the vote programs. 

The policies and procedures of the MHS-PAC shall be amended from time to time as deemed necessary by the MHS-PAC trustee. 

The DAA PAC needs your participation!

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NOTE: Only individuals may contribute to the PAC, not businesses or corporate entities. Thank you.

The voice of our industry is vital in the State of Delaware, as well as in Washington, DC. Make sure you include in your PAC giving each year a contribution to NAA PAC.

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