NAA CEC Credential Updates

CEC Road Map Effective January 1, 2021

What is a CEC? A CEC is one hour of continuing education with meals and breaks excluded. All CECs required for the renewal period must be earned the previous year. CECs submitted for your credential renewal may date back no more than 12-months before your credential renewal date. Continuing education credits are needed for all NAAEI credentials that require annual renewal and are required to maintain AIME Membership. This includes CAM, NALP, CAPS, CAS and AIME. 

How many CECs do I need?

• Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) - 8 CECs annually

• National Apartment Leasing Professional (NALP) - 3 CECs annually

• Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor (CAPS) - 8 CECs annually

• Certified Apartment Supervisor (CAS) - 3 CECs annually

• Apartment Industry Maintenance Excellence (AIME) - 3 CECs annually

• Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician (CAMT) – 0 CECs annually

***Individuals who hold multiple NAAEI credentials may use the same CECs for renewal of all credentials and AIME. For example, if you have a CAM and NALP credential, you will owe 6 CECs annually.

2021 CEC Requirements:

• CAM and CAPS- 6 CECs with at least 3 CECs from In-Network Sources

• CALP (Previously NALP), CAS, and AIME – 3 CECs with at least 2 CEC from

In-Network Sources – 2022 CEC Requirement:

• CAM and CAPS- 8 CECs with at least 5 CECs from In-Network Sources

• CALP, CAS, and AIME – 5 CECs with at least 3 CEC from In-Network Sources

In- Network Sources:

• Courses and classes offered by DAA

• NAAEI Approved courses offered on Visto

• Apartmentalize and other NAA conference sessions (live or recorded)

• A maximum of 2 CECs can be reported from the association participation activities below:

• Participating in apartment industry legislative events

▪ Instructing NAAEI, NAA, or DAA courses without compensation 

▪ Serving on the NAA, NAAEI, or DAA boards and committees

Out of Network Sources:

• Courses from housing organizations (e.g. IREM & NAHMA)

• Courses approved by the State Real Estate Board

• Courses from accredited Universities and Colleges

• NAAEI-Approved online courses from NAA Top Tier Partners and NAA Partners

• A maximum of 2 CECs can be reported from the industry participation activities listed below:

1. Serving on boards, commissions, and committees related to the housing industry

2. Instructing apartment industry courses without compensation

3. Writing articles published in the apartment industry publications without compensation

What does not count as a CEC?

• Corporate in-house training - For example: Classroom or online training required or offered through your company.

• Any courses, seminars or trainings that do not meet the criteria listed in the two sections above.

• CECs earned more than one year prior to your credential renewal date. What documentation do I need for verification of a CEC? Education Programs

• Certificates of course completion

• Transcript or exam results

• Receipt or confirmation of payment for a program

• A CEC reporting form signed by affiliate apartment association staff Civic Service, Writing & Instruction or Training Activities

• Copy of page in directory or newsletter listing board and committee members

• Copy of letter sent to credential holder to confirm board or committee appointment

• Copy of published article

• Copy of promotional piece listing course description, instructor, and contact hours

• Copy of letter sent to confirm instruction or training assignment

When do I need to renew my credential?

You will need to renew your credential once a year on the anniversary of when you first earned your credential. If you are unsure of your renewal date, please contact the DAA

What steps do I need to take to renew my credential?

• First, you will need to complete the CEC reporting form and submit it to Candy McVey, DAA Executive Director ( to review and sign off on.

• Candy McVey will then send the signed CEC Reporting form back to you.

• You can then submit your CEC reporting form to the NAA via email (, online (, fax (703-797-0666), or mail (Attention: NAAEI, 4300 Wilson Blvd, Suite 800, Arlington, VA 22203).

• The NAA will then send you an invoice with your renewal fee.

▪ You can pay your renewal fee online (

What if I miss the renewal date?

• You will need to submit your completed CEC reporting form with required number of CECs necessary for the renewal. There will also be an additional $50 reinstatement fee added to your invoice.

What if I have allowed my credential to lapse?

• If you are within 5 years, you will need to submit your completed CEC reporting form with required number of CECs necessary for the renewal. There will also be an additional $50 reinstatement fee added to your invoice.

• If it has been more than 5 years, you will need to take the credential course and pass the exam again to reinstate your credential(s).

information provided to DAA by: Kirsten McKinney, Pennsylvania Apartment Association