Biden-Harris Administration Housing Supply Action Plan

Posted By: Candy McVey Advocacy,

Dear Members,

As you have seen on Monday, May 16th, the White House released the Biden-Harris Administration Housing Supply Action Plan which aims to ease the burden of housing costs over time by boosting the supply of quality housing in every community. The plan has two key pillars to increase housing supply: reduce restrictive land use policy at the local level and expand financing opportunities to build affordable housing. Each priority also includes several regulatory and legislative proposals. While the latter requires Congressional action, these priorities signal the Administration’s vested interest in these housing policy solutions and commitment to addressing the nation’s housing affordability challenges. You can read highlights of the rental housing provisions in Biden’s Plan on the NAA website.

NAA commended the Biden Administration for this proposal as a sign of their continued commitment to addressing the nation’s housing needs. Remember, however, that these important steps alone cannot fix a problem that was decades in the making. NAA continues our work to press for short- and long-term, sustainable solutions that meaningfully address the nation’s housing affordability challenges and support renters who need more time to recover from the financial impacts of the pandemic. Passing the Yes in My Back Yard Act (S.1614 and H.R. 3198) and Choice in Affordable Housing Act (S. 1820 and H.R. 6880), are two of the most important additional steps that this Congress and Administration can do to expand affordable housing access across the country. Information provided by Greg Brown, NAA Senior Vice President of Government Affairs